Life’s Simplest Pleasures Often Come Without knocking

rain1When it comes to pleasures and experiences in life, I’m often a sucker for the exotic ones. I prefer staying in luxury suites over normal rooms, I love the indulgence of a long royal beauty bath over a quick shower, I like to treat my taste buds with a lavish menu over a simple meal.

But often times the most stimulating of all pleasures come un-knocked and un-noticed. They are the simplest and yet the greatest of all joys. Life has once again Continue reading


Stop Doing What You ‘Should’

singingI woke up in a philosophical mood today. But oops! its Valentine’s Day, I SHOULD have woken up to a beautiful love note. And so I pushed all those pestering thoughts behind and stuffed my mind with pleasing thoughts of love divine to once again meet life with perfection and plastic smile!

But no matter how hard I tried to silent this little voice, it creeped in again and again. Sometimes in bad mood, sometimes in irritability, sometimes in depression and sometimes feeling a strange void and meaninglessness. The harder I curbed, the louder it got. This voice was eating up my mind when I SHOULD be working!

To get my peace of mind and do what I should be doing, I had to listen. While, I was still looking at the clock for the time gone wasted, my soul wanted me to look at the years gone wasted. Because, I had been so full of judgments and ideas about what I should and shouldn’t be doing, I failed to see what I really wanted to do or what my soul wanted to do.

My soul don’t want to work today, but I SHOULD. My soul wants to go out enjoy the weather outside, but I should sit inside and cater to my child, my soul wants to eat dark chocolate, but I should be eating my lunch, my soul wants to bathe under moonlight, but I should rather go to bed……..and so on.

I was now attentive. My soul had a point. For all these years, I had failed to listen to my soul. It was getting buried deeper and deeper. And every time it tried to get through to me, I dismissed it as mere whimsy, folly or illogical desire. But mainly, I feared it.

flowerI was scared Continue reading