Opening My Diary to the World

diaryThis is my first personal blog. I am feeling the same anxiety and nervousness of a first timer. I am not new to blogging. But expressing your thoughts, feelings, secrets wishes, desires, emotions and deeds on a public platform requires courage, requires integrity.

“The hours passed as phantoms in the darkness, what time the maiden had solaced herself with tears and took refuge in her solitude and grief. And when the violence of her feeling became heavy on her heart and unlocked the treasury of her secret thoughts, she took up a pen and her tears flowed with the ink.” – Kahlil Gibran, A Tear and a Smile

Reserved by nature and shy in expressing my true feelings, writing was the only natural release to save me from my own bottled up emotions. After years of keeping it secret, I am finally opening it for the world to see. I hope you will stop by, read, enjoy and fly away without passing any judgement.

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