Life’s Simplest Pleasures Often Come Without knocking

rain1When it comes to pleasures and experiences in life, I’m often a sucker for the exotic ones. I prefer staying in luxury suites over normal rooms, I love the indulgence of a long royal beauty bath over a quick shower, I like to treat my taste buds with a lavish menu over a simple meal.

But often times the most stimulating of all pleasures come un-knocked and un-noticed. They are the simplest and yet the greatest of all joys. Life has once again  gifted me with one such little but deeply gratifying moment. Its pouring outside as I write this and I am doing one of my favorite things.

Sipping a hot cup of well made masala tea and enjoying the creative flow of juices through my writings. As each sip of the freshly brewed dark liquid fill my body with amazing warmth, I feel the essence of life awakening inside me. These are the moments when I am in my best. Excited to meet the world-ready to welcome the pleasures of life.

But to be truly able to enjoy my tea, it must be well made in the first place and secondly, I must be able to give all my attention to its divine taste. Despite being a die-hard tea lover, I am not a fanatic. I prefer variety in my beverages. I want to wake up to the aroma of bitter-sweet coffee in the morning but prefer to relax my nerves with hot spicy tea in the evening.

teaaaI also like flavors, different textures and occasional seasonings to my tea and coffee. I can’t recall, when I first fell for these palatable delights but as far as I remember, my early childhood mornings started with the pleasing aroma of creamy elaichi tea brewed by my mother.

Before copius mugs of mocha latte took over my penchant for beverages, I delighted my taste buds with steaming ‘tapri wali chai’ (cheap tea sold at stalls on street) for most days of my college life. Cheap or expensive, home brewed or cafe, I love the earthy taste and adventurous aura of caffeine infused rich beverage.

It inspires my senses and fills my soul with total warmth. I feel, while drinking tea and not paying full attention to its taste and aroma is like disrespect to the divine drink. When was the last time you actually sat down and savored each sip to the bottom?

Sometimes, it is just these simple pleasures of life that can make life more meaningful and interesting to live. I do not want you to miss these moments. So the next time you make tea/coffee, I want you to pause, smell the aroma, relish the taste and dive in the complete experience. You will be amazed at how the simple acts in life like drinking tea can connect you with life and fill you with zeal.


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