Roses in My Garden


My garden isn’t any great. But despite being a tiny patch of soil-bed on which we have managed to grow some flowers and kitchen plants, it leaves us with no moment of happiness filled surprise. This morning as I stepped into my courtyard to collect the morning paper, I couldn’t help but notice this breathtakingly beautiful scene.

My little garden was filled with lovely roses – all smiling back at me in their full bloom! It struck me deep and intense. I have no idea why but roses always make me insanely happy. It’s not that I don’t love all flowers, I do. It’s just that with roses I have always had a special kind of love affair. They enthrall me, mesmerize me and compel me to acknowledge that no matter what happens, life stays beautiful.

This reminds me of a popular saying, “Where flowers bloom, hope does too”.  Sometimes we get so consumed in our problems and hardships that we fail to notice the beauty that is already around us in small things and little details of life. Must I confess, I too was a victim of these emotional vampires and energy drains just a few days ago.


Anger, bitterness, loneliness, and lies took control over my heart. And my vision was clouded with lost hope, broken ambitions, and frustration. But now looking at these blossoming roses, I can’t help but think, I can still dream. And I can always try to realize those dreams. Their lovely sight reminds me that time has finally come for a spring clean!

The coldness and darkness of winter has already gone and it is now time to be out with the old and in with the new. It is time to throw out the negatives and welcome the positives, while sticking to the ones that make me feel good. So here I made this list of things that make me instantly happy and joyful:



  1. A hot cup of tea made to my taste as soon as I wake up.
  2. Finding fresh flowers in my garden
  3. A tight bear hug from my son
  4. Watching little kittens and puppies play
  5. Waking up to the sound of chirping birds
  6. Writing a beautiful piece
  7. Sipping coffee while reading an interesting book or watching an interesting movie in the hall
  8. Waking up early only to discover it’s a Sunday and then hitting the bed again for an extra hour of sleep
  9. Receiving roses on my B’day and V-day from my hubby
  10. Long luxurious bath with a scented candle, aroma oils, and extravagant beauty products

Well, this is my list of things that make me feel good. What makes you feel good? Believe it or not, but just by thinking about things that make you happy can instantly change your mood making you feel good and delighted. Best part, it costs nothing and needs no one to make you feel exultant!


One thought on “Roses in My Garden

  1. Our mind is a garden of flowers’ seeds. Whether that garden of flowers can grow or not depends on our thoughts, positive or negative. One makes the garden bloom and the other destroys. That’s all our choice. Your post is uplifting. I like your happy list 🙂 Wish you a nice summer and hope to see more flowers from your garden 🙂

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