36 Random Things about Me on Turning 36

In a couple of days, I’m turning 36 – yes, thirty-six, as in closer to 40 than 30!

Yet, I’m looking forward to my birthday with all eagerness and enthusiasm. Funny! Isn’t it? I have had 35 birthdays and I’m still excited about birthdays!

Besides being one of those people, who just love-loves their birthday, here are 36 random things about me that attempt to sum up the person that is me.

  1. I am in love with the color pink. 36 Random Things about Me on Turning 36
  2. I am crazy about kittens and puppies. Their cuteness never fails to impress me.
  3. I am hopelessly bad with numbers and finances.
  4. I like to watch TV only once in a while.
  5. I developed a strong bond with my daughter even before she was born.
  6. I suck at being traditional house-wife!
  7. I love staying in hotel rooms.
  8. I am fundamentally against eating non-veg.
  9. I fear ghosts and shadows.
  10. I want to go camping.
  11. I want to learn salsa.
  12. I hate arguments. They tire me.
  13. My son is the cutest child I ever held!my son is the cutest
  14. I love staying up all night with a good book and frequent breaks of coffee.
  15. I am addicted to my morning tea. Can’t think of starting my day without a cup of freshly brewed black tea.
  16. I once received a compliment from a foreigner that I resemble some American superstar.
  17. I love receiving flowers on my b’day and V-day from my husband.
  18. Sometimes I feel beautiful and other times ugly.
  19. Road2beauty.com is my first creative endeavor.
  20. I have never called my husband ‘honey’, ‘darling’, or ‘baby’. I find these phrases plastic.
  21. I  sometimes tell white lies to make my life easy.
  22. I strongly believe in love.
  23. I am awful at answering phone calls and texts. I don’t give timely response on WhatsApp as well.
  24. Email is the best way to reach me.
  25. I love tropical weather and tropical plants and heat in general.
  26. I love collecting new notebooks and journals with beautiful covers.36 Random Things about Me on Turning 36
  27. Writing undoes me.
  28. Each time I go through my old journals, I think “wow, was that really me?”
  29. Makeup is my new love.
  30. I am a hopeless empath.
  31. I drink lots of tea and coffee.
  32. I have done lots of ghost-writing.
  33. I love feather earrings.36 Random Things about Me on Turning 36
  34. I love children – all of them!
  35. I love passing by bakeries and pastry shops. The aroma of freshly baked goods intoxicates me.
  36. I loved my mom more than my dad!

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