My Dream Beach Vacation Vs My Real Vacation with Toddler

My Dream Beach Vacation Vs My Real Vacation with Toddler

I am going to the beach. Yayy!

But with a nine month old toddler added to the mix, I wonder if it’s actually going to be a vacation.

Just 5 days to go until the official start of my family vacation in Goa. And it’s not like ‘just 5 days to go before I hit the sand’ but rather more like ‘just 5 days to go until I get three root canals in succession’!

In my perfect dream vacation, my family and I would spend our time together basking under the glory of the sun, savoring scrumptiously chilled watermelons while bonding over teamwork to create perfectly designed sand-castles.

But in the real world with toddler, my vacation would go something like this – “Mom, baby SMASHED my palace!” NO…Don’t throw sand at the baby! What? Did baby SWALLOW that shell? Hell!

My Dream Beach Vacation Vs My Real Vacation with Toddler

In perfect world, I lie languid at the beach with my favorite book. My son is somewhere around the sea playing with my husband as I relax and enjoy endless hours of solitude. My marble skin gradually tans into a shimmery shade of bronze and my hair look perfect.

I know reality would bite, when every afternoon the sole mission of our every activity under the sun would be to protect our toddler from the scorching heat. The summer thunderstorms would chase us. And my hair would turn into an enormous cloud of untamed fringes!

In my perfect dream vacation, after putting our 6 year old son to sleep, dear husband and I go out for long romantic walks at the beach, we have fun at night clubs and linger over drinks.

But with a toddler in tow, most of our typical romantic nights in real world vacation would be crammed into that precious three-hour space between her finally falling asleep and us suddenly passing out! I know it’s going to happen!

My Dream Beach Vacation Vs My Real Vacation with ToddlerMy toddler whose whole life is a vacation is blissfully unaware of my vacation. So relaxation is not really in the cards when I think about my upcoming vacation. But this does not mean that I won’t have fun. I will have fun but it will be a different kind of fun.

I may not get plenty of peaceful time, I may not get enough romantic time, but I would surely get lots and lots of play time. Though ‘play’ can be a strong phrase!


7 White Lies I tell My Husband Daily

Once upon a time, I was organized. I used to be on time, never missed deadlines, completed tasks and achieved goals. Then I had kids…

7 White Lies I tell My Husband Daily
And from there it seems to be a never ending journey of broken promises, unmet targets and relentless procrastination. Though I keep telling myself that things will fall in place, I will have more time, more money, more space but I know it’s a lie.

I lie to myself not because I am a die-hard optimist who’s hopeful about any situation or outcome in life. I lie simply to feel better. And to smooth out my daily conversations, I also lie to my husband!

Before you raise your eyebrows, these are not black lies or red lies, like “I stole your credit card for my online shopping and lied about it”. (Now that would be dangerous!). These are just harmless little white lies I tell my husband on a daily basis to make the hot mess of our life more comfortable.

Here are the seven most common white lies I keep telling my husband to survive my days:

  1. Would you be ready on time?

“Oh I just need 5 minutes. I promise I will be on time”.

What it means: Five minutes could mean 20 minutes, 35 minutes or an hour, during which I would try to stuff in as many tasks as your temper will allow. From taking a shower to feeding the baby, all will be done in just five minutes *wink*before we leave!

  1. Why didn’t you answer my call/text?

“My phone was on silent.”

What it means: I have the best of intentions. I swear. But between entertaining a six month old, placating a five year old, I am sorry to say, you just got ignored!

  1. You have not published anything in last two weeks.

“I will write something today”

What it means: I only have two eyeballs and one brain; either I can watch the kids or type the article. I will write only on the day I will get some quality undisturbed time!

  1. You still haven’t replied to that email.

“I will do it the first thing in the morning.”

What it means: First thing, never really means the first thing. The first thing I do is make tea. I might get to it second, but that is probably a lie too.

  1. Do you remember where have you kept ‘that’?

(‘that’ can pretty much be anything. It can be the car keys, some office file, a legal document, TV remote control, his specs, cells of AC remote control….the list is endless!)

“Yes, I remember.”

What it means: I remember means three hours of frantic search in all the four corners of the house.

  1. You were supposed to call me.

“I was just about to call you.”

What it means: In the quantum mechanics of our house my phone is always lying in some remote corner of the room. And I just found it when you called!

  1. My jeans are screaming for a wash.

“I will ask the maid to wash it today.”

What it means: At some point in time it will get washed. It might be today, it might be tomorrow.

These are the white lies I keep telling my husband every day both to escape the current mess and to continue living the dream of ‘happily ever after’.